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Hey there 👋

Here are some things you'd probably want to know about me


I have been -

  • 🎮Gaming since 2013
  • 📡Live Streaming on YouTube for 2 years
  • 📝Writing Content in different domains for more than 3 years

I specialize in Web Development since that's been my major focus for a long time. I find DevOps very interesting and the cloud super fascinating, which is why I've been exploring it for a while now.

My Web Dev Stack and Knowledge Base

  • Next.js, Laravel, Flutter
  • Supabase, Firebase, MongoDB
  • AWS, Docker, Puppet, Terraform

What my Blogs provide

  • Web Dev Concepts, Solutions and Mini Projects
  • DevOps Solutions and Small Projects
  • Exploring different aspects of AWS

How I can help

I can guide/mentor people who are starting out with

  • Coding in general
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Python
  • Git and GitHub
  • Linux
  • Technical Writing
  • Live Streaming and Broadcasting
  • Understanding Different Technologies, Computer Hardware, etc.

How Your Support Helps

Any kind of interaction or support from the audience is a large factor of motivation for a creator and I'm no different. It's always good to see feedback and good numbers for every thread I publish. Reading my articles, spamming reactions and writing comments is pretty huge support already. Having said that, any monetary help is appreciated, because it allows me to dedicate more time to writing which can result in more regular and a variety of content, covering a lot more domains.

Once again, thank you for reading my articles. As I mentioned, any kind of support is really appreciated. Technology has always been a fascination for me and writing just comes along with it. If there is one thing all my articles reflect, it is my passion for working with different aspects of technology and learning new things every day.

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