Introducing IntroAI - Introductions by OpenAI

Introducing IntroAI - Introductions by OpenAI

What if ChatGPT could take care of your interviews as well? Well, it actually can.

Are you confused about the things to mention while introducing yourself in an interview, like you holding the record for the longest sleep duration? Or do you just want to say Hi on Twitter because your friend Mike got famous because he tweeted about the advantages of the span tag in HTML?

Then say Hi to IntroAI - a website powered by the OpenAI API that can generate introductions for you in different tones (like funny, or professional) and based on your specified context (in a technical interview, or for a LinkedIn About section).

The Inspiration

I was scrolling through Twitter one fine morning and I came across this tweet.

I watched that entire video and saw what that guy did with the OpenAI API and Vercel Edge functions, and it was simply amazing. I think you should take a look at it as well. He made the website which generates Twitter bios based on context with the help of the OpenAI API.

This inspired me to think of other ideas and the possibilities that this tech opened up.

The Thought Process

I'm a Full Stack Developer and I've been working with Next.js and TailwindCSS for more than a year, which is why I was easily able to understand what Hassan was doing in the video. The tricky part was to understand the part where he wrote a function to create an OpenAIStream which he then calls from the Edge function.

I've always been fascinated by the capabilities of AI and tools like ChatGPT are amazing utilities for our day-to-day activities. There had to be more use cases for the API, especially in the context of text generation.

Sitting on the train, I had this lightbulb moment, which took me back to a seminar I had taken for my juniors just a day before, for preparing for their placement season, viz. building a profile, preparing for interviews, etc.

Introductions! And you won't believe how many people have issues with making one for themselves! This thought was an absolute game-changer. It was the ideal add-on to the existing project that was out there. All that was left was to launch VSCode.

The Result

Want to see how AI introduces you? Check it out here!

You can also get the source code on my GitHub repository.

It's fascinating how such a simple idea could result in such a nice-looking product. I'm glad I was able to build this.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts about the project. I'll see you at the next one. Until then, take care :)

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